Looking for Red paint for 1983 MX3

  • <p>Hi, I have just joined this site as the proud owner of an MX3 for the past 24 years. I have it owned it since it was 1 year old so only the second owner.</p><p>I have travelled all across Europe with this lovely car and it has been much admired.</p><p>The colour is RED and I am in need of having some paint work done but am struggling to find the colour - no-one seems to stock it anymore.</p><p>I recently had one of those buff up sessions and whilst it came up pretty nicely there are patches where the paint has actually gone and the body work is showing white - these are the areas that need to be touched up. I am not sure that I can afford a full respray :(</p><p>I would be grateful for any help or advice anyone can give</p><p>Many thanks in advance.</p><p>Kathy</p>


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