Hi I'm new looking for some recommendations

  • Hi there - I'm a newbie on here got an MX3 1.6 - love it but yesterday had to call out RAC after she conked out.  I had a distributor fitted a few months back and the latest theory is that as my mechanic didn't change the leads when it was put on it might not be doing it's job properly.  As you can see I'm not mechanically minded but would love to learn....I bought the distributor from 24/7 parts and have had no problems with them in the past but cos I cant buy new there's little option for me ....or is there - I think I might have to buy another distributor soon anyone recommend where is best to buy?  Also, I live in Gloucestershire and my usual mechanic seems to resent working on my car so would love to find a mechanic that is into Mazdas and would appreciate what an adorable car the MX3 is.....thanks

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