UK-MX3 Site Upgrade on 23rd June 2017

  • admin

    Hello all,

    I wanted to let you know about some upcoming changes to the site/forums.

    Over the next week or so I will be attempting to migrate the existing forum database to a different platform, providing this goes well the site/forum will be updated shortly after this.

    You will notice some significant changes to the site but don't be alarmed it should be much nicer to use and will be mobile friendly at last!

    The site has a large number of legacy users who no longer visit, unfortunately the last login time of users is not recorded in the database, so in order to prune the user list the following things will happen when the new site goes live:

    1. All users with a valid email address will receive an email with details on activating their new account. Please follow these steps if you wish to stay a member.
    2. Any accounts not activated after 60 days will be deleted.

    I will be attempting to migrate all existing posts to the new system however some may be merged different sub-topics due to the new format of the site.

    Please send me a message if you have any issues with this process or if you have any questions regarding the migration.


  • admin

    Just a quick update on the forum upgrade:

    The database migration testing has taken a little longer then I originally thought, however I am trying to move to a completely different platform so there was always going to be complications!

    Anyway, I have been successful in doing this and it looks like everything moved as required.

    The next step is to complete the new web pages, once they are done then I will schedule a period of downtime when the entire site will be unavailable for a short time while the migration happens.

    I will keep you posted.


  • admin

    Things are on track for the forum upgrade!

    The transition to the new site/forum is now planned for Friday 23rd June 2017.

    The plan will be to take down the current site on the evening of Friday 23rd and start the database transfer, providing everything goes to plan and the new site comes online as expected, emails will be sent to all users with instructions on how to active your new accounts.

    Please check your Profile page and make sure your email address is correct. If I don't have a correct email address for you then you will not receive the activation link and your account will be closed after 30 days.

    Note any accounts not activated within 30 days of the email being sent will automatically be closed.

    So what's going to change?

    What do you need to do before the 23rd June?

    As always, message me if you have any questions.


  • Hi Jono,

    I tried contacting you about reinstating my old email address but heard nothing back.

    I'm owed nearly £2000 and can't claim it back without that email address.

    They are not budging, I really need you to help me out.

    So who is actually the owner of the domain name? Is it me or is it Guss or you?


  • admin

    Hi Daryl,

    I have just sent you a message regarding this.




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