Good to see this website is still up and running!!

  • Hi,

    I'm the guy who created this site many moons ago. I left the MX-3 world a long time ago now and I just thought i'd check on a whim to see if this is still up and running.

    Its great to see it still here and I'd like to say a big thank you to whoever has been keeping it going.

    You guys still sticking the 2.5 KLZE engine in them or have things moved on?


  • admin

    Hello mate,

    It's nice to see a post from you.

    I'm the one keeping it going at the moment, took over about 2 years ago just before it closed for good, I couldn't see it go and I was just starting the engine rebuild on mine. I have some plans/am working on updaing the forum but time is really stalling that at the moment, but hopefully I can get that finished this year.

    I'm so very close to adding the turbo to my KLZE, if I can get the MOT sorted this month then things will be moving after that.


  • Hi guys it's good to know that the forum is to be kept going and revamped at some point
    I guess mx3 owners are getting rarer and rarer ,and by the date of some of the posts there's not been a lot of input recently
    Might I suggest that the forum be made much more simpler to use ,and maybe reduced in size ,I personally find using my tablet that I struggle to read or follow the site
    I own several motorcycles and go on other forums which I find much more user friendly
    I own a bike of which there are only 8 left in the uk ,but the forum is very friendly and active
    I am a relitivly new Mx3 owner ,but I have owned one previously, and have found some useful
    advice here but there is little response to some of my enquiries
    May be the forth coming article on MX3's will generate more interest, in what is a very under ated future classic
    Harvey Mushman


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