Rear Pads

  • I ordered some REAR pads from Wilco sunday to be ready for today. I got a set of pads today but they were front pads GRRRRR
    So my car is sripped ready for them and the aint coming till wednesday!


    ps They are frustrating to do!!!!!

  • they're the same as the 323 aint they? well the V6 are, you can either bleed the brakes, or im sure theres an allen key bolt under a cover behind them, that you unwind that retracts the caliper

  • Caliper piston head(??) has two notches in it. Put a pair of thin nosed pliers into the notches and twist. The piston will retract. Make sure you leave the notches in the position you found them in since they fit onto nipples on the pads.

  • rear pads are different.
    I had to undo 2 bolts that released the whole caliper to get the old ones out, done it now tho!

  • That's what I had to do with my rear ones. Hand brake stuff means you have to wind them I think.

  • i have mine to do soon, how long did it take?

    is the hand brake on shoes or does it use the caliper and the disc??

  • Put simply, this is how you do it (if my memory serves me correctly)

    remove wheel (obviously)
    remove cap from brake fluid reservoir (remove some fluid if necessary)
    Unclip handbrake cable from back of caliper
    Undo bolt at top (?) of caliper, caliper should swing round (leaving pads on the disk)
    Screw in piston
    remove old pads
    fit new ones (filling slightly if necessary)
    fit caliper back over new pads
    re-clip handbrake cable (loosen adjustment in car if necessary)

    Repeat on other wheel

    tighten handbrake cable if required

    30-40 mins max if you have no problems

  • thanks for that

  • Bellers, thanks for that little guide mate, printed it out before I changed my rear pads today and it was a peice of p@@@.

    The only issue I came across was that I had to remove both bolts as undoing just the top one did not allow the caliper to move far enough and get stuck on the metal shielding.

    Last owner of my MX3 put cheap and very nasty rear pads on and one of them decided to srtip its brake lining off the plate while I was braking. Sounded like someone through a bag of bolts into my back wheels!!!!!!

  • Glad to help.

    Come to mention it, having to remove both bolts does ring a bell.
    Glad you got it sorted mate.


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