Newbie / Oldie West Sussex

  • Newbie but retired so Newbie / Oldie
    Just acquired a 1996 MX 3 the 1.6 version
    Lots spent on it over last few years
    Got to sort brakes and fit some alloys ive got as tyres getting past there time and a drivers window switch if i can source one
    So far after four days well impressed with it for pocket money prices compared to a normal car
    Struggle to get in ( thats my age ) but wife seems to like ( tolerate ) it so all good.
    Did a run to Southampton prior to brake pad problem ( cheapos fitted by garage 10 months ago ) have come apart luckily as i got home but performed very well for a car of its age
    Great retirement project

  • Welcome!

    Get some photos up ;)

    Great cars for the money, enjoy!

  • Trying to work out how to post pictures


    slightly different now but roughly the same

  • [[URL=]] Turned out failure of rear drivers side brakes was due to new discs and pads fitted by a garage but no copperseal used hence ten months down the line brake pads stuck on and burnt away / so much for competent garages

  • [[URL=]]
    Just fitted MX5 mk1 wheels and waiting on this exhaust from Marco to be fitted soon


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