Mx3 1.6dohc

  • Hello forum. Newbie to the forum!

    I've a mx3. Has 117k on the clock. I've yet to drive it more than 5 miles as she has developed a running problem

    The car will tick over perfectly. When you start to drive it hiccups runs very roughly and stalls then will start again and loose power.

    So far we have changed the spark plugs the plug leads and the distributed cap as well as the lambda sensor and the fuel pump. We also put new fuel in

    We cleaned the plenium chamber too and we can't see any cracks in the intake manifold.

    The air sensor makes no difference if connected or not

    Pleas can anyone shed light on what we are missing ?

    Many thanks in anticipation

  • Hello and welcome,

    First of all, what mx3 do you have?

    There are a lot of things that could be wrong however without knowing what the engine is it would be hard to point to anything.

  • If it's a v6 sounds like classic coil failure.

    edit just saw the title…

  • Thank you for replying. It's a 1.6 dohc. 1997 I think

  • Hello,

    Have you checked for any error codes from the diagnostics box?

    Also check the timing and all the hoses for cracks/damage.

  • I'll have another look tomorrow….. bloody freezing in Tyrone lol

  • Thank you for replying. It's a 1.6 dohc. 1997 I think


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