New sills

  • Well I had to get both my sills replaced as were very badly rusted inside. Built up the rear wheel jacking points too with new steel.

    Just need to really replace my rear arches so was wondering are there any rear panels you can buy for the mx-3, like those for the mx-5 series 1 model?

    The inner rear wheel wells are really good, and the under body area was all under sealed from when the car came in from Japan.

    So I'd love to sort out my rear arches/panels from the middle down and replace the passenger door, if anyone has a black one they wanna sell on?

    Other than that I rolled over 300000 km a few weeks back. I have the engine cutting out when the tank is half full or less when turning right problem back again. I ran a lot of fuel cleaner and BP ultimate through the system to help clean it all out. I replaced the fuel neck a few years back and reconditioned the fuel tank and fuel pump all cleaned and tested.

    Any help appreciated. :)

  • II have the same problem with engine cuting out,when turning right. I think,it's water (condensation )in fuel tank.

  • I bought a little LED wire device which has a wire for the diagnostic ten and grd and you plug a red wire into a +B connector and a black wire into the fen connector and turn your ignition to on.

    The LED flashes out the error codes which I got for the IAC and O2 sensors.
    My idle was bad so I cleared the codes by disconnecting the battery which had the effect of making the idle run better, but after driving a while the error codes have returned.

    I did notice after clearing the error codes the car didn't stall with a quarter tank of petrol turning right sharply. But did stall a bit going around a smaller roundabout, (error codes must have returned).

    So there must be an issue with fuel delivery by the IAC, O2 sensor feedback and the other issue is the petrol moves around the tank too fast so the pump is not picking it up.

    I read of a man in the USA who had the fuel issue turning right and took the pump out, fuel sock off, connected a two hose supply to the pump and put a sock onto each fuel hose. Each hose went into each side of the tank when the fuel pump went back into the tank. He said he never had the issue again.

  • Had similar problem, turned out that fuel pump was about to die. See my thread.


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