Catalytic converter, MOT regulations and the law

  • Just to clear up any confusion over removing your cat:


    I own a Honda CRX Civic Del Sol 1992 K reg and I am having a stainless steel exhaust built and fitted. The fitter has said to me because the car is a 1992 model and the law that governs the catalytic converters for the MOT came into effect in 1993, the car does not fall into this law, and I could remove the cat and it would still pass the MOT. Is he correct or will it fail the emissions Test. Thanks, Ben.

    Your fitter is not quite correct. The MOT regulations say nothing about a vehicle having a catalytic converter. They merely set emission levels which have to be achieved if the vehicle is first used after a specific year. Certainly some cars with every efficient engines could achieve the required emission levels without a catalytic converter. However in your case, if your vehicle’s year is before the break year, then should the cat be removed, in all probabilty it should not affect the MOT. – MOTT"_

  • GET RID!!!! You will love the sound of it and I will tell you about performance as soon as my clutch is changed and I can get it back on a RR

  • Mine is definitely going as soon as it wears out. Can't bring myself to screw around underneath the car until I really have to.

  • i m running a full straight thru system 2 1/2'' stainless steel with de-cat with a 5'' backbox, the car is so loud but amazin, my mate drove my car and i had a smile ear to ear when i heard it! :D


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