Valley's - 93 GS Project

  • hey all cracking site. found the american one the other day so had to register for uk. hehe. not long got my V6 runs sweet after a few repairs and mods. surprising passed mot but now noticed got a rocker cover gasket leak. great. mate offered to fix and also rebuild and tune engine will work with the racing clutch. not sure what i really want to do with the styling out side but should be ok for interior. keeping that quiet. but would like any advice on custom install for boot. ( already running 1300watts so far and two dvd screens in viser's) secondly and advice on good pint supply looking for a deep purple with a hint of green

    ps love the looks on the gold mx3 given me ideas on door handles. but what method of opening you use firstly.



  • Heya mate. Theres 3 ways of getting into my mx3. Theres a button on the scuttle panel, button inside the car so i can open the passenger door from inside, and also have the door pop on the alarm remote!

    Get some pics up of ya motor dude! :)

  • like the sounds of that very much dont really want to steal your idea. "however" how much did the door opening off your alarm set you back. also you reckon it would work off a toad alarm system. still working on pics of my car at moment. every time camera is charged its a crappy day with conditions.

  • yeah it works with a toad system, but you can only have the drivers door pop open. You would have to open the passanger door from inside the car… if ya get me lol

    I would expect to have the sytem wired into your alarm would be about £120- £150...

    but thats only a guess!

  • cheers mate will have a look in to that. should be interesting. however defo short of cash this month. just had to have my gaskets all repaced and now just cracked a sus ring going over a bloody speed bump. not impressed. but hey uni loan soon so should be fun semester with car.

  • hey all. long time no post
    finally got net back. and student loan. so things and picking up again. just ordered high shift cams. and planning where to stick a twin turbo. going to be a tight fit witht the engine. following that bought simple tart up things white led's which should go well with the paint next easter.

    hope to hear from others soon.

    about your projects.


  • sounds good dude!

    White LED's rock. i got em on mine as i hate neons…!

    People always comment on em as you dont see white much!

    just need a uv light inside me car now! :P

    keep us updated man!

  • UV? Shit mate, with that much white inside your car your going to glow like a fuckin UFO. :lol:

    I had red neons on mine a few years back but I stopped using them because the police around here took a dim view of red light coming from the from grill of a car. (apparantly as they lectured me "White from front, red from back and orange from the side are the only ones allowed"). Didn't get the chance to take them off and sell them though as some fuckwit Mazda mechanic (by that I mean Ford mechanic) smashed the side tubes when I took it in to have an ABS problem diagnosed :evil: (Why did he feel the need to put it on the lift when all they were asked to do is plug the diagnostic computer into the hookup under the bonnet?) Nevermind, probably did me a favour in the long run. :?

  • the boyracers round my way look like christmas trees and the cops let them get away with it?

  • Yeah I know I've heard similar things from my mates at the other ends of the country. It just seems to depend on how much of a pain your local police force want to be and it seems the police around here dont like it. Not that it really bothers me all that much now because as I said I've taken them off and have no intention of puting them back on. :)

  • right need some advice just got my uni job sorted as a dj so have a cash to live on for the rest of the semester. following that i have about a grand left (pending i dont touch any) for the x mas period. so what i am looking for is a body kit and ideas on a paint job i have an idea on what im after an agressive front smoothing out in to a smooth if not standard looking rear. with a different spoiler.

    so any info on this would be excellent.

    ps hope body kits are simple to fit as im doing it my self along with the perping for the respray.


  • mate, a grand wont get you no where near a kit fitted and sprayed…

    If you buy an abs plastic kit, fitting and prepping would be simple, but they cost about £850 and even then you still have to get them sprayed and fully prepped...

    A fibreglass kit would probably cost you about £800 to get in the country and then you have to fit em, which is a very big task as fibreglass kits are known for being poor. Mine was terrible! Mounting the kit is also a major issue as fibreglass kits dont come with any fixings so you have to make em yourself!

    As for prepping, an abs wouldnt be too bad, but fibreglass would be a mission! The amount of work required is silly, plus ti get it right you would probably spend about £250 on materials such as sanding flats, filler, fibreglass etc etc...

    For a full re-spray, materials alone would cost another £250 so already theres half your budget gone!

    Another thing to find out before you go and buy the kit, make sure you have a bodyshop who are willing to spray a kit fitted and prepped by yourself... Most bodyshops wont do it as 9 out of 10 times, the fitting and prepping isnt up to their standard, so it makes them look bad as if they did it! Also if the paint reascts or cracks... whos fault is it? The preppers, or the sprayers??? Thats the reason they wont do it...

    Personally if it was me, i would wait and save up another grand and get a bodyshop to do the lot. Everytime i see a car kitted up and to a poor standard, i cringe... and i think most other people do!

    Remember mate... good things come to those who wait ;)

    Hope this helps!

  • thanks for the advice. think i fould a kit to be shipped in from america. working out cost's 400-500. lucky friends of family own a bodyshop/ respray shop ( so that would reducd the price on that side of the labour. and paint at trade price. at moment just thinking of ideas as buying a kit and paint is a big thing and i do need the correct ideas etc.

  • my kit was £550 from America… but when it gets into the country, they charged me over £200 to get it through customs and delivered to my door!

    Also when you respray a car, theres always hidden costs such as replacing rubbers, rain gutters etc... For a new strip that runs along the rain gutter, its £70 each side! One of mine kinked when we was taking it off, so it had to be replaced!

    If friends of the family own a bodyshop, why dont u just get them to do the prepping? It would save a hell of a lot of time and effort!

    Not tryin to put you off, just giving you some advice. I been there and done it and its a shit load of effort! lol

  • that was my idea when i first got her but dont think i will be removing the spolier. just gotta get a new/ scrap yard front bumper with splitter as the bloke before me cracked the lower half over a blood speed ramp. just started to price up the twin turbo idea, through a mate whos know the owner of modified motors in ireland should be good. and hopefully an excat product for the engine.

    heres hoping.

  • got great news, well sort of. found my kit for 300 already in uk brand new. been to local body shop (non friend of family) and have been given a rough estimate of fitting and respray for around a grand mark give take 100.

    considering i have not seen the same colour mx-3 around i think i will just keep this, but put a slight misting of purple etc over the top, (something different)

  • Hi there welcome to uk mx3,

    It would be great to see some pics of your car.

    The easiest way to do it is to put them on and then link to them.

    Where did you find your kit for £300 and what was the kit.

    You can get the full 'Invader' bodykit for £390 from RPI Tuning in germany.(including delivery) Thats the cheapest full kit I know of:

    Rear Bumper

    Good luck with the project, let us know how its getting on.

  • not got the kit yet but here is the link its located in london according the the ebay listing. im just waiting on a few final details from the person selling. and o yea

    HANDS OFF!!!!!

  • Valley!!!

    If you notice, they havent got a picture of the kit on the car. Ask em if their interested in a bit of sponsership or discount if you let them use pics of your car when it is finished.

    £300 though does seem awfully cheap? Whats the deal?

  • never thought of that sounds like a good idea will defo chase that up. can i ask what did your sponser offer you with yours?

    also that the main thing im trying to find out how come the kit is so cheap. just waiting an a reply from that, along with other info such as mounting brackets etc.

    then will sting them with the sponsership idea.


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