KLZE Cam Belt Question

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    So everything is going back together nicely, I'm at the point of getting the cam belt back on.

    I just wanted to check I have this correct before I commit:

    1. Both sets of cams have been aligned with the little stamped dots.
    2. R sprocket is on the rear bank.
    3. L sprocket is on the front bank.
    4. Crankshaft set to timing mark.
    5. L sprocket is set to the the timing mark by default.
    6. R sprocket needs to be rotated to the timing mark.

    Does that sound right? I have been following the manual (2 different versions) but its not exacly clear about a few things.



  • Hello,

    When aligning the pulley's you should be using the arrows on them to align with the timing marks.

    The dots that are on them are for different timing and not for use for the cam belt install.

    Once the cam belt is on and the tension adjusted turn the crank 720 degrees and make sure the the timing marks line up again.

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    Hey speedray,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Just to be clear, the stamped dots I referred to are the ones on the cogs on the cams inside the the cover, the manual states they should be aligned when installing the cams.

    On the external belt sprocket I have then aligned the timing marks according to the arrows as you say.

    My concern was that by moving the R cam to align the timing it would displace the internal alignment, I now realize that that is correct as those dots just sync the cams :)

    Well I hope I am right anyway lol


  • Hello Jono,

    You are welcome for the reply.

    You are correct with regards to the dots.
    The other dots that i referred to are on the pulleys (see picture)

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v64/Zepticon/Mazda 626/IMG_1369.jpg

    These would be used for timing other things but i don't have all the info for them.

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    Think I got it sorted :)



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