Info needed- Power boost valve

  • is it worth it? for around £80 what would the benefits be realisticly??


    As standard the fuel is at a set pressure.

    The ecu reads the amount of air coming in and alters the duration that the fuel injector is open for.

    Therefore increasing the pressure will increase the amount of fuel pumped out in that time.


    ECU's can learn and adapt to some mods you make, but they take a while to learn and only have limited scope.

    e.g it can cope with an air intake and exhaust system, but put sports cams on and you will need to either get a piggyback controler, new chip, re-map old chip or go standalone.

    Thats where the pressure valve thing comes in as a kind of cheap way around. But you don't need to use it until you do a serious mod that requires a significant change to the fueling.

  • Id post what i posted on another site….but i cant find it :(

    basically in the description it talks about collapsing inlet manifold pressure, so theres more fuel than air, but in order to collapse the inlet pressure it would need a free air supply, so would suck air in through this feed to collapse the pressure, but really its just sucking in air via a different hole, so its getting less air as theres less pressure, so theres the same fuel, but less air, but the air coming in that collapses the pressure basically would equal it out as that air eventually goes down the same route into cylinders :?


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