Mx-6 brakes

  • got a question dose any one know if the mx-6 brakes are any bigger than the mx-3 brakes and are they better than the standerd brakes plus would they fit on to the mx-3 hubs?

  • count the nuts its a big clue!! …....... no.............. mx6 is 5 stud
    there are no larger brakes you can borrow from the mazda family to fit a mx3, i know cause ive tried. You can use mx5 discs i think but your get minimal increase, so not worth it.
    So unless you want to spend near a grand on big disc kit just stick to what you have.
    The big thing with the mx brakes are maintenence and good quaility parts.
    Make sure you have good if not new calipers good pads & discs and there see you good for about 200bhp but not too many drag runs mind you :D

  • thanx for the advice and to be honest it dident quite click the the mx6 was a 5 stud :roll: lol! OH by the way i want to get my car up to atleast 250bhp so then i will have to upgrade the brakes but would i have to upgrade the rears? or is there no point

  • Somebody did mention a while back that you can get some uprated Ford brakes discs that fit. Think it was escort ones not sure though. Cant for the life of me remember who it was though, sorry :oops:

  • uk escort studs are 4x110 and ours are 4x100. not sure on the US model though, search for zx2 parts thats the 'escort' that has some transferable parts.


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