Specs and alternatives for Starter motor (V6)

  • Does anyone knew if MX-5 starter motors fit? (assume it would have to be from the 1.8 to have a correct Kw rating?

    Also, doesanyone know what the Kw rating of the V6 starter should be as I have had a look on eBay and am finding Mx3 specific ones from 'Churmany' with power ratings from 0.7Kw through 1.7Kw Question.

    Ps : after a starter motor! :lol:

  • I'll try and dig one out tomorrow and let you know

  • I have had a look at one of mine and it just says k805 on it. Have you tried taking it apart, cleaning it and then spaying loads of duck oil on the solenoid?
    Failing that there are loads of v6 323's probes's and mx6's being broken on eBay and they all carry the same starter from what I can remember.

  • Thank you for the replies.

    Yes I did take it apart and gave it a clean. I could see right away thay the brushes had worn out but also saw some little damage where they contact so new ones would wear out sooner.

    So got a proper reconditioned one from a motor factors which did the job just nice. There where 3 different output options, I went for the 1.7kW and it's been working fine :)


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