• Can anyone who has an OBDII (95+) car take a photo of where it is located? I hear its under the dash on the passenger side in USA.

    I can't find any connector, according to the mx-3.com ers if you can pull codes from the diagnostics with an LED you're OBDI. I want to be certain I have OBDI before commiting to any ZE antics!

    it looks like this:


  • In the UK the OBD connector is usually in the engine bay on OBDI cars.

    The OBDII connector in the UK is sometimes under drivers side, not passengers. But also sometimes in engine bay.

    The ECU on an OBDII car usually has 4 connectors (big yellow ones) going into it. They look like one big connector at first, but look closely and you can see that its split into seperate ones. OBDI has 3 or 2 connectors.

    To be honest you will be lucky if its OBDI if its a 95 plate. My 94 is OBDII and my 93 is OBDI.

  • Ok thanks, I have 3 yellow connectors:

    What do you reckon? Could you please take a pic of your ODBII connectors on your 94? I really need a conclusive test!

    Thanks :wink:

  • someones gotta know this! cmon guys help me out :!: :?:

  • for the life of me i cant remember what my 1.8 ecu number was ???
    my m plate is obd1 and i have 3 ecu plugs too.
    did you find a plug in engine bay? it was cap on it reading diagnstic.
    you can see my plug next to my alarm unit below wiper motor in picture.
    hope this hepls.

  • Hey garfy thanks for the response! I finally found out, my brother dug out the EPC (electronic parts catalogue). I typed in the VIN and my mx3 is in reality a 93 model manufactured in may 94 :D:D:D:D:D

    KLZE here we come! (after the bilsteins& springs get sorted) :P

    Oh and if anyone else is in my situation I'll look up your VIN for you and tell you the real year of your car ;)

  • Great news, glad you got it sorted out.

    Good luck with the ZE swap, Keep us posted on your progress in your My Project section.

  • thanks :) will do me matey

  • ooo could you lok up mine for me i will get the vin for you tomoz when its light

  • yep no worries dude - also if you look at the connectors on the ECU OBDI has three connectors, OBDII should have 4 I think.

  • where abouts is the ecu on these

  • if you goto ur passenger side, then take off the little panel attached to the centre area on the right hand side of the footwell. Should be pretty obvious once thats off - under your head unit roughly, but at the back.

  • so this should be obd 1 ?

  • spot on mate, should indeed be obdI, ill look up your vin in a bit ;)

  • hey man, your details as follows:

    Production date : 1993.12.14
    Model Year: 1993
    Exterior Color: PT
    Interior Color: EA5
    W/Antilock Brakes
    4 Disc

    I recommend you now delete your VIN from your post, shouldn't really leave vins lying about :P


  • lol you missed one! There's another one on the first page :P

  • i dident delete them
    abministrater might have thow dident know you could delete things

  • admin

    All you have to do is edit your post mate :)



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