Recently bought a mx3 1.8 v6

  • Hi all, I recently bought a very original 1993 1.8 v6 mx3 in red. I never Imagined how well it would drive! Just having a look around your site, looks good😀

  • Hi, my 1st post here and yep… Snap.. ... Me too.... Just bought a v6 and im loving it lots.

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    Hi guys, welcome to the MX-3 community.

    I'm glad there are still people discovering the MX-3, please do look around the forums, there is plenty of information here, there is also plenty of modifications for our little cars if that's what your interested in :D


  • Welcome guys, yeah its such an under rated car.

  • Welcome guys!

  • I was lucky enough to have a V6 as a company car in the 90's (my boss ended up having to many kids so he handed it down). When made redundant I was offered the car or the money, being extremely sensible (and skint) I took the money and have always longed after having a V6 again. I never realised how reasonably priced they are now until something made me start looking last summer. I am really happy with the £700 I paid for a 96/P, 135,000m, Black V6, full MOT, good interior, sounds awesome and puts a permanent grin on my face! The wife calls it the mid-life crisis car, I say so what!

  • Hello guys just got a MX3 v6 from 98 with 190tkm looking foward to get some usefull tip`s and infos.

    Thanks !

  • Hey everyone, just got my Mx-3 back on the road, absolutely love the thing!
    I have another one sat in my garden gathering dust, simply because its an Auto so its my spare parts car. If any one is in need of anything that i'm able to remove let me know!

  • @daffyd Hi, if it's a V6 (K8) engine, I may need a few bits for my sportscar project....see today's thread. I'm a Swansea boy now living in England !


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