UK-MX3 Site Changes

  • admin

    Hi All,

    I just thought I would let you all know about some changes you will see here over the next few months.

    The entire site will be upgraded and some cool new features will be added to the areas outside the forums.

    You will already notice the home screen is now a holding page ( You will also see the new club logo there :) )

    The forum itself will be upgraded to the latest software which will bring some extra functions too.

    The new site will be have more of a club feel and there will be a new membership system which will allow access to hidden areas of the site and the forums. (This is all remaining free)

    I will update this thread with the progress as it happens and when to expect potential downtime - however this will be limited.

    All I ask is that if things aren't working at times please bear with us and try again later.

    Finally if you have any suggestions or feature ideas please send me a PM.




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