D2 coilovers

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    Looking at getting the D2 coilovers from Japshop.co.uk:


    Anyone bought from here before? Or not recommend the D2's?

    Recently been screwed over by another online parts supplier so a little cautious about going straight in on these.


  • Who screwed you?

    Had XYZ on my car back in the day. Were nice, not concrete hard, but firm.

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    Yeah I heard Ksport, D2 and XYZ are all basically the same anyway.

    Might go for the D2's but will research the company a bit first.

    In terms of getting screwed, it was www.flatlander-ipp.nl - Dont ever attempt to buy from them, wish I had never come across them, its just so hard to find parts for our cars that I jumped at the chance of getting some internals but that was not to be, some mistakes by myself too but lessons learnt I guess. Still I'm going to keep trying for my money back but given they are registered outside the UK there isn't much that can be done :(

    On that note, any reliable engine internal suppliers you know of?


  • It took 3 months and 3 weeks to get internals for mine from probestore but your story is far worse. Bad and expensive experience. 😕😕😕

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    3 Month delay on those coilovers, not going to be placing an order with them.

    The search continues



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