Cobra 5801 alarm/immobiliser

  • My 1998 MX3 V6 has a Cobra 5801 alarm/immobiliser fitted, unfortunately it was not supplied with the remote.I am advised that a replacement remote is no longer available, but if I had an old one I can get it reprogramed to my alarm. Has anyone got one they don't want? Or does anyone know where I can buy a replacement. Please.

  • Easy solution is to just remove the alarm and immobiliser.

  • Many thanks, but too easy. result would be = failed challange.

  • Have a look for a decent key man in your area, a good one should be able to program a generic key fob for you but. The only downside would be you might end up with a different amount of buttons on the key fob and it could be expensive.

  • Many thanks again, but:-
    I have done a considerable amount of research on my problem. The best info came from a Saab owners website as this alarm was extensively fitted to Saab models sold in the 1990's. The site refered me to 0845 1668078 01388 815217 (highly recommended for alarm problem solutions). After a half hour telephone call where I considerably benefitted from David Stock's years of experience, the remote for this alarm is unique and no longer available, aftermarket remotes can not be programmed from the alarm, but can be cloned from a working remote. so back to my original posting - Has any one got an old one they no longer need. It is posible to borrow one - programme it to my alarm, clone it to an aftermarket remote then reprogramme it back and return it, but this is too much to ask. Has anyone got one they no longer need.

  • Ebay item code 191676061186

  • Many thanks for ebay part number. I have purchased item, and am confident it is the correct type. Just waiting for info on jumper connections within the remote and I will be up and running.


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