Abs sensor

  • Hello again, my 96 mx3 v6 has just failed it's mot because of a possible fault on the right front abs sensor he's tried various diagnosis machines and can't find what the fault is…. I've been told that no copy part is available and the genuine is £117:00 are there any alternatives it's a lot to spend on something that might not fix the problem
    Any help would be good :D

  • I probably have a working used one if you like.

    Here is how you read the codes:

    To test a sensor unplug it (near the suspension turret/mount)
    Insert multimeter probes
    Switch to impedance
    Should be around 1.1 kohm IIRC

  • Thank-you for your reply
    I'm pretty useless with car mechanics so I always get a garage to do the repairs but the abs light comes on and off depending on its mood it first started when a different garage replaced the right front gaiter I took it back and he poked about a bit and it went off… He told me that he'd had a nightmare getting it apart but it was just grease on the sensor.
    The light came back on and off and has been for a few years but has always passed it's mot until now.... Current mechanic says grease on the sensor being a problem is tosh and it's more likely that previous mechanic damaged the sensor whilst changing the gaiter.... everything is pointing towards me having to change it so if you do have a spare working front right abs sensor for sale I'd be interested in buying it... I'll have a word with him about what you said about codes etc

  • Have one here, I'm pretty sure it's RHS but need to double check. You can use them either side, though it does mean the cable has to go back on itself. £20 and it is yours.

    Yea I doubt grease was the issue too!



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