• 1) Please choose a relavent Subject Title.

    2) No posting titles in UPPERCASE or with lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.

    3) Make sure you are posting in the right forum for your question before you post please.

    4) Could you please search to see if your question has already been answered before you post.

    People please be nice to us mods we are trying to tidy up everything on this site, editing, move and link posts together, so it is easier for you to find what you want.

    Thanks…. from the mods.


    Although we're chatting away each day within our community, we're in fact building an archive of incredibly detailed, accurate and search-able information for new and future users to reference. Due to this it is essential that we cleanse our data and ensure that its clear and concise.

    For that reason, when starting a new thread PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it a relevant Subject…

    For example - you're looking to buy a new Sony car stereo....

    WRONG SUBJECT: 'stereo'
    CORRECT SUBJECT: 'Which Sony Stereo should I buy?'

    Concise subjects not only improve searching but in fact reduce the necessity to search, instead browsing the contents of a forum will reveal many questions that you may have asked yourself, however a thread titled 'stereo' doesn't give you any indication at all as to the contents of the thread.

    From time to time, we'll rename any threads that fail to comply with the above, in which case don't worry its not been deleted, its just got a new name and you can always find it here…
    or here

    (worth bookmarking as it shows all unread posts since your last visit!)

    We appreciate your cooperation!

    Your friendly moderator team...


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