Problem - Oil Dripping off Spark Plug

  • My car has been spluttering, sounding like it's misfiring BADLY. So I took out my spark plugs and when I got to the last plug on the rear bank, I pulled it out and it was seriously dripping in oil (on the inside). There was also small traces of oil on the rest of them, but I didn't think much of it.

    Anyone any ideas? Piston ring? Valve seals? It's looking really expensive…

  • How much oil there was will make a difference to what might be wrong.

    How fast did the problem happen? i.e was it fine one moment then missing the next? or did it progress over weeks?

  • well I've just finished taking off my intake manifold. The IM gaskets were cracked and fried, so oil leaking from my also delapidated rear rocker cover gasket was clearly getting in. So with a bit of luck replacing those 2 gaskets will do it. The top of the piston were I found the most oily spark plug is unsurprisingly very gunky too.

    So ordering IM gaskets and put in the rocker one which I already have.
    Might put some pics up so you can see just how piggin' the whole area is!

  • nice to see u've found the problem!!

  • Be sure to check the condition of the valves for that cylinder, for burnt oil deposits. (they stop the valves closing properly)

  • i've got this, does it affect performance much?? i know its the rocker cover gasket gone…on both sides :(

  • haha well it made my car misfire really badly! To be honest I've noticed oil dribbling down there since I got it two years ago, and it has been ok until last week.

    I would just change them though as it won't be doing your performance any good in the long term - £32 -

    Not too tricky either…

  • @07a4d0e25d=Unicorn:

    i've got this, does it affect performance much?? i know its the rocker cover gasket gone…on both sides :(

    please don't tell me you don't know how to change that gasket!

    just putting the bolts in diaginal so it sits level ( as people say)

  • :lol: Im not, i was just asking if it affects performance much, doing the front gasket is no problem as its right in front of you, its the rear one thats causing me laziness syndrome :(

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