Transfer Complete - Please Read

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    Hi everyone,

    So the site and domain are now entirely transfered over to the new server.

    We had a minor database issue which meant merging a version of the current database with an old backup from 2014. Everything before April 2014 and some data from the last 6 months is here. I apologize if a post of yours is missing but this was out of my control, I've done my best to get as much back as possible.

    While the site beds into the new server I would like to ask that you report any issues you notice to me via PM and I will take a look.

    I will host the site on my server for the next year, the site needs to get more active in order to support keeping it alive, please continue to post here and if you see another MX-3 let them know about us.

    There are plans for a site redevelopment/upgrade to bring more features and a few other plans in the pipeline.

    I think its important that we try to get a club meet fairly soon to re-ignite the community feel of the club, posts will be circulated about this soon but I feel that we should aim for JapFest 2016, let us know if you have any other suggestions.

    So for now that's it, the forum is saved from extinction, thank you to those that wanted to keep the site going, I could'nt let it go either! All I ask is that you post, lets get this forum active again.

    See you all around the forums.



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