My MX pronounced dead by AA

  • My V6 1.8 - It's been perfect for so long, passed every MOT, but now just won't start. I had to get the AA out and he checked everything and said it was probably the distributor. I bought one from ebay, but it wasn't exactly the same although it fitted fine. Stll no good. Can anyone help me with this problem please?

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    Were going to need a little more detail to help as that could be many things.

    What happens when you turn the key?
    Do the electrics work?
    Does it try to turn over?

    When you say the distributor was different, how different? Whats its part number?


  • Hi Thanks for replying. It's an 'H' reg 1991 import. It turns over fine, but won't fire and no there's no spark. All other electrics are fine and everything else works. The replacement distributor has a black plastic mid section where the original one is all aluminium. The plate on the side of the replacement one states K834 then there's a large 'E' then TOT57171. I've just checked the original one and this states KL01 then a large 'A' then TOT57071

  • Sounds like your coil has gone. You need the right distributor. I can't remember which was which but IIRC some had different vanes for the distributor timing and some were rewired at a later date. There are ways to rewire for different distys but you'd be better getting a matching TOT number. Or just get a new coil for your disty and rebuild it, it's pretty easy.

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    Yep I agree with Marco. Unless you know what your doing then its best to get the matching parts. And it sounds like the problem lies with the disty.


  • Thanks guys - I'll post a request to see if anyone has the correct distributor and I'll let you know how I get on with reviving my MX - cheers.


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