Engine rebuild parts - Help needed

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    Hi all,

    So I finally have time/space to start playing with the car again :D

    The plan ultimately, as it has been forever! is to turbo the thing.

    Its currently SORN and I have another daily driver so I have decided why not do it properly and upgrade the ZE before/during the turbo build.

    So my question is: What internals should I be upgrading based on others experience, and most importantly where to get the parts from?

    As it stands the engine is a bog standard KLZE, I will be upgrading the injectors & fuel pump and was thinking valve springs & retainers as a start.



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    Anyone out there have any advice?

    I've found http://importperformanceparts.net/imports/pek-ford.html which seems to do a kit, has anyone ordered from them before?

    Are there any UK resellers of Cams, Springs, Retainers, Pistons, Rods etc that people are aware of?



  • What power you aiming for?
    You can fairly reliably have 300 on stock ze with decent map.
    Retainers and springs just replace the intake size with DE ones. You won't be revving that high anyway with turbo.

    You can go for millenia s rods and 21mm pin pistons 400bhp
    Or the likes of IPP for mega power.
    Cams I wouldn't be too worried. Boost controllers are cheaper. Though colt cams are tempting.

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    Above 300 would be nice. I have the car in the garage and just want to build it up for fun now so I'm happy to strip the entire block and rebuild it back up although not for silly money.

    I'm feeling the millenia rods, 400bhp would be the absolute max power I would be looking for.

    Anywhere you can recommend to get the rods/pistons?


  • This is going to sound like a set up but I have a set of millennia S rods I could sell :lol:

    choose mazda, wiseco us, the millennia s

    On the plus side the rods are relatively cheap. Probetalk forums are worth a look for info on builds.

    Or you could get 20mm rods and use standard pistons and get a good map.

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    Cheers Marco,

    Are those rods new or used??


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