What Next???

  • Garage confirmed head gasket has gone! Any ideas on what to do next? Get it done, sell the car, break it up…..special edition with suede and leather bucket seats, resprayed wheels, in white...

  • Don't sell or break it!, I was gonna do that to mine and suddenly had this pang of woeful despair, if you let her go you will regret it, that one right there is a golden looking machine! if you can spring for it, fix it, ask on here for parts, loads in sheds so I have found….

    If not, well, at the end of it all its up to you, breaking would mean the car lives on in others, selling would be the same unless someone has a spare engine to slam in.

    On here they used to do that, not sure they do anymore but it never hurts to ask! :respect:

  • where are you firstly ???
    get it done its a rare car, if i didnt have 4 cars currently i would buy it with the head gasket gone and do it next year as im looking for a stock one again and sell on my saab convertible as im bored of luxury i want a car that i can drive , its not a massive thing if you can get most of it apart yourself and get someone mobile to put the head back on it would be a lot cheaper, main parts are head gasket and head bolts and while its apart new cambelt and waterpump and it will go another 50,000 miles :)


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