Rear suspension

  • ive had my mx3 a little over a month and am very suprised how easy it is to drift where i live s a very fast roundabout and ther other day it caught me out, chasing a td6 dico it came up to the roundabout at speed took the fist exit and ended up with full right lock at 60mph but it came back with no probs (but disco man wasnt happy oh well) , someone told me they had a funny set up on the rear witch allows the rear wheels to steer is this true? or do i have a bush going some where, or is it just how they are, was really good fun tho and do it every morning you should see the look on the faces of others coming the other way! sweet!

  • Kind of.


    The MX-3 used Mazda's proprietary Twin-Trapezoidal Link (TTL) for the rear suspension. It passively allowed the rear wheels to turn slightly in order to enhance handling. It has been used on a range of Mazda vehicles, providing a smooth ride, yet delivering responsive handling while minimizing body lean.

  • is that why its quick round corners?

  • could be.

  • i find its ok if you set the car up for the bend but if you just throw it in to bends it gets a bit sketchy

  • yea thats why its good in courners. had a 100nx. i thought that was quick around bends. no slide etc. but when got my mx i though shit whats up with this but went to mazda and they explained everything and checked it all over. was nothing wrong with it. now i have so much trust in the car esp on roundabout. makes a few "chaved corsa's" think they are not an f1 driver lol


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