Insurance time

  • so insurance time again and thought after 4 years with sky insurance i would go with adrian flux for a change
    £275.50 with all mods declared, thats less than my standard MX5 1.6 that i had and £55 less than my renewal :bigok:

  • I'm 108 with Saga, but that's for an old git and zero mods!
    Your price is excellent!

  • For us more 'mature' owners SAGA are really competitive

    Renewal cost for my 98 MX3 V6 was 257 from the AA - up nearly 40% on last year
    Saga like for like cost 159

    Renewal cost for my 96 MX3 V6 was 208 from the AA - up nearly 15% on last year
    Saga like for like cost 135

    So nearly 200 saving…. can't be bad !

    Legal, personal injury, no claims protection, mods (except 17 inch alloys) and partner included

  • im not far behind so i can get those prices soon lmfao for now have to stick to normal insurance

  • Lancaster insurance for me, £136 a year. :rofl:

  • Yeah there's some great deals out there
    Before adding legal and no claims protection pleasantly surprised to be quoted 120 and 96 respectively for full comp including partner. Under a ton for full comp can't be bad !


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