MX-3 Speedometer Transducer/Driven gear Unit

  • Hi,
    New to the forum so be gentle!

    I've recently acquired a 96 1.6 Auto but the gearbox was shagged and the speedo transducer was broken too!
    I managed to get hold of a replacement gearbox but the Speedo Transducer/gear unit on the new box is the electronic kind whereas the existing one is a manual speedo cable.
    I'm trying to get hold of a manual transducer (not sure if it's even really called that, seems to vary on who you're talking to!) but it's proving to be trickier than i thought.
    So, if i can't get one, do any of the other mazda boxes have the same transducer (mx-5 for example?) or would it be better going for a set of clocks that i can use the existing electronic transducer with? (although not sure if this is feasible cause i can't seem to find anywhere to connect the electronic connector to)

    All help appreciated.

  • Hi!

    Thought I might drop in and let you know that there are people about on here somewhere, the answer you seek may be in one of the build threads although I can't seem to remember it, Still I will do a little research and get back to you, I also have an auto so its kind of imperative I find out just in case.

    Thinking about it its not really the mx5 but the Us/Canadian Escort and Precidia Eunos that may have your parts, look at MX3.Com as that's the US/Canadian arm of the clubs that covet these cars.

    in the meantime you could also try, not sure if its .com or but google is our friend there, ask the admin there, really helpful and knows his stuff.


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