How can I see what engine I have ?

  • Just got hold of a nice mx3 from 94.

    Its an import to sweden and in the specs it is said to be a 88 bhp engine.
    But from what I find the 94 is supose to have a 106 bhp machine, it feels nice and quite fast so my question is if ther is anyway to see if it is the bigger or smaller engine.

    Just fun to know.


  • IS it 4 cylinder or V6 ?

  • its the 4 cylinder.

    from what I understand it is the same engine, they are just able to get more power in the later version.

  • what does it say on the rocker cover SOHC or DOHC? take a picture and put it up here, also, if you look at either the radiator bracket or under the sill beneath the windscreen you should see a mixture of numbers and letters. that'll tell you which engine you have.


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