Problem - Fuel Evap lines Corroded… advice please!

  • so the reason the car was running wank is that it was trying to run on water….... which had got into the fuel tank through the leaky corroded evap lines running through the rear arch.

    Replacing them means dropping whole rear axle, off with fuel tanka nd replacing them... new ones are £200. Any other bright ideas would be greatly appreciated, ie: somethig to wrap the lines in or cover them to protect them.... other option is too expensive!

  • dont know if you could but….
    if you can remove one end then slide heat shrink insulation, the stuff you put over soldered joints in cable. dont know if it'd react with fuel though.

    how big are they, could you get some made up in copper like brake pipe??

    good luck! :wink:

  • the heat srink sleeving will work but you need the correct stuf. i work for a huge engineering company that makes fuel pumps for the new airbus and beoing. some electronic parts of the pumps have special fuel proof sleeving. if this is an option for you let me know and ill see what i can do.

  • th problem with heat shrink sleeving is that to get either end of the hosing off, you have to do all the work anyway. If I dropped my axle and got the fuel tank off I may as well reaplce the hole lines rather than hope a wrap will work and put it all back together again.

    My mechanic has been looking at it some more today to see what he thinks, now the water is out of the fuel tank it runs much much better (obviously) but not sure if there will have bene any further damage to stuff though.

  • change it all:D

    Aluminimum fuel tank with new lines . job done.

  • @0dd85382a0=wilko33:

    other option is too expensive!

  • ok roughly where are these lines in the rear hatch… would like to know so i can check the condition of mine. thanks

  • look on the inside of your wheel arch, they are clear to see. 3 steel lines running right up the inside of the archway. The corrosion has happened right at the joint at the top I think, trying to find a way to seal it now.

  • try the instand metal stuff ( uncle used it on his bike petrol tank)

    or some over pipes


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