Distributor part numbers

  • I want to identify the distributor I have. Its an oem version and is unmarked but has the firing order of 4,5,3(top three) & 6,2,1(bottom three). Can anyone please let me know the part number for this one.

  • I heard, that there are 3 different type of distys. The ones i ever came across are with 4,5,3 @ top and 6,1,2 @ bottom-TOT57072(obd1).
    Another one is 5,4,6 @ top and 1,2,3 @ bottom-TOT57171(obd2).
    Don't know about the 3dr one.

  • usually they have a label stuck on them but if no check the caps, the caps are slightly different on both I think the later one has a ridge on the cap and the earlier one is missin that

    also lookin at the probe forums they say they are interchangeable so its very possibly they changed the firing order on the dizzy but all you have to do is change the connections on the cap with th leads :)


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