Is there a difference between mazda mx3 v6 distributors

  • Hi everyone?
    I have 1994 Mx3 v6, I call her PROTO which stopped driving suddenly. then I realize it was the distributor with no spark.. took it apart and because of it's state I decided to buy a new one. replaced it with T0T57071 and the car was okay only for minutes

    an hour later it started jerking and almost stalling

    That been said when I first tested the car it drove very well if anything better bear in mind air filter was switched to cold air tube and filter.
    Reset done on ECU, Maf cleaned

    The car jerks badly, not drivable.

    I had a mechanic who looked at it as I needed him because he had a timing gun which I need to buy now,, anyway he said there was something wrong or called it a faulty distributor, got convinced so I bought another one, BUT the car still jerks

    Right now she off road resting because not well.

    What could be the cause for jerking badly..? bear in minds HT leads are K-nelson -race type. plugs are good too plus no previous issues mechanically.
    Fuel pump seem okay though not fully tested..

    Another Question is; I there differences between the so called T0T57071 because most dealers says it does not fit 1994 Model but physically it does fit unless there different inner components even though they looked the same apart from quality inner parts..

    As I speak, Very Hard to start and jerks too.

    Please advise, as I would not ditch her anyways


    :P :D

  • there are 2 types of distributor with different rotor arms and firing orders, i just wonder if the gearing on the end has different teeth that may put the timing out


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