Eunos 30X won't idle.

  • Hello,
    My Eunos has a K8 engine I think 1.8 litre V6,the problem is that it won't idle or run properly below about 3000 rpm. it seems to have no power, to start I have to slip the clutch and rev it to get it rolling , (with much kangarooing) when slowing taking your foot off the accelerator results in more jerking and shuddering, it is OK on the highway at speed but difficult to drive in traffic around town. On startup from cold it idles initially at about 2000 rpm (I set the mechanical adjustment on the accelerator to try to keep it running to no avail) within about 20 seconds the engine speed starts to drop and it stops. The problem seems to be temperature related in that the problem is worse when the engine is hot and if it is left for 15 to 20 minutes after a run and it cools a bit it is a little better. I have replaced the fuel pump and filter and the plugs. Any suggestions much appreciated.

    John. Australia

  • Check the pipe between the airbox and the throttle body for cracks.

    It's the most common cause.

  • Hi Lori,
    Thanks for that there is a large crack and some smaller cracks developing, is there a recommended repair ,I thought I might get some soft round section foam rubber and stick it with contact adhesive. Thanks again.
    Regards John

  • Replace it, or for a temp fix. Wrap it in duct tape :)

    You can replace it with anything really, as long is it fits. :)

  • induction kit time :cheers:

  • Thanks for your replies, I finished up getting some 8 mm. round section soft rubber and glueing in to the corrugation where the crack was with contact adhesive ,the car runs nicely now.

    Regards John


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