Alternative Interiors?

  • Hey Guys, i was wondering if there were interiors of other vehicles, maybe Hyundai Coupe or something of similar age and shape to the MX3 that the interior would fit comfortably in the MX3.
    any ideas?

  • I dont think anyone has done it yet.

    I always planned on putting an audi tt interior in mine.

  • im interested to know what people think may fit or be suitable as my interior ((in my eyes at least)) is that of an owner older than myself and i cant find a leather interior for the MX-3 available.

  • i thought about an RX-8 interior as an option but im unsure if or how it would be mounted in relation to the rear interior aspect. thought about finding an rx-8 thats for breaking and toying with it but its the outlay if it wont work that concerns me

  • Would the seats from a mx6 or ford cougar fit?


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