CHRIS211083 - Eunos V6 Project

  • HI to all from myself and lui (the mx3). i baught lui two months ago for £1300. hes a 93 eunos 1.8 v6 with 49,000 miles. it has full spec upgrades including climate controle and cool sound sys (7 speakers). the mods so far include:

    central remote fob locking(ebay)
    k1 kerr ign. leads
    denso plugs
    short shifter (tarmaceater ebay)
    interior neons (blue ebay)
    aftermarket filter (no name)
    sportex silencer 3"
    decat pipe (only needed for 94 cars onward)
    sparco pedals
    ali gear knob with blue led
    and lots of blue piping (from fordprobestore, this guy knows his stuff)

    The Project:
    just priced up kl-ze as machanical turbo is to expensive. have just placed my motorbike on ebay for ze fund, this should pay for engine swap.
    then alloys/ body kit and then i want to try electric supercharger trials, has any one else looked at this, maybe a twin supercharger intercooled system. also what do you think of the alloys, there 18/7.5j with 114x4 willthe studs fit?!705BCB9A86ED6ECC!112

  • Howdy!

    Engine bay looks sweet! Apart from madonnas bra you're using for an air filter :P Plus it gets pretty hot around there

    Alloys look well, though a little bit fussy and detailed for my liking.

    That supercharger looks interesting, buy one and let us know if it works! Would you really need an intercooler for it though?

  • please ignore the airfilter, i have a mx6 cai on order. as for the supercharger and intercooler i really dont know as only a dyno run will show bhp???? but before that lui needs to get his KL-ZE AND become lui-ze. yes my car is going to have a sexchange but 200bhp WILL make him feel better about it!!!!

  • i like the wheel choice, not so sure about the hoses though some silicone ones would looks nicer, although not much point if you are doin the ze swap!

  • got the hose covers for £20 from fordprobe store cheap and cheerful.

  • mx 6 cai were u getting it from?

  • hi guys there has been a change of all plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for sale one very nice mx3 jap import.1993 moted and tax 12months. has had new break pads and calipers all round, decat pipe, sports exhaust, full service includeing oil/filter, belts, aftermarket air filter fuel filter. also jbl speakers brand new fitted 2months ago. two new front tyres 2months ago, sparco pedals and ali gear changer, short shifter, kerr ign leads, denso plugs. also had new dissy internals and cap e.t.c. is a dream to drive has 7 speaker sound system and climate control. everything works perfectly and just fitted central locking off key fob. only nearly 54,000 genuine miles. its being sold as my dream motorbike has arisen and need the money. offers around £1800.00 extra pictures can be placed body work is excelent. all standard equip with sale. please look!!!!!!!!!705BCB9A86ED6ECC!112

  • hi again all got my cai through today and instaled it…..what a difference. it had to be shortened a bit but now it fits perfectly. if any one wants this kit cai please let me know coz its brand new and i will sell for £60 plus postage?????

  • ok guys im going to be silly but my time is running out any one know anyone who wishes to offer me a silly price for my car!!!!! i hope so. call me 07818453568.cheers chris.


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