Mx3 auto 1992 2 owners very low miles

  • As a new member I would find it most helpful if you could give me ideas / views on the following Have owned 1992 mx3 1.6 auto 17 years after been owned by lady for first 5 years It hasbeen most reliable until recently and has only covered 60000 miles in total I spent around 20 hours using a hired garage hoist treating the complete underside and wheel arches with 2 coates of hammerite The present problem being that the auto gearbox needs replacing/ reconditioning which I have been quoted £1800 to £2000 inc vat I could of course take a chance on a box from breakers but as car has low miles a scrap box could have covered 100000 miles plus and prove unreliable as well as taking into account cost of fitting all other mechanics / fittings / engine /body work ok have bills for £980 over period of time for normal wear and tear Just wonder in 5 or so years time if car could appreciate in value or become collectable ideas comments please

  • As the car cannot be worth more than £500, isn't it a bit daft to contemplate spending the sum you mention to get it right? Mine has a similar value and costs more than that to run each year on less than 1000 miles. I reckon I'm mad but if I were faced with a bill like yours I'd sell the car for whatever I could get and buy another. Bound to be cheaper!

    OC in Northants

  • Thanks for reply just looking at all ways mean s comments ideas etc etc as had the car a long time yes maybe the time perhaps has come to say goodbye unless I take the chance with a scrap box will await possible other replies on this thank s

  • Why not convert it to a manual?

    The 1.6 shares the same as the early mx5's which are far more common.

  • X2 change it to manual! Best thing you could do for the car, better driving experience and mpg ;)

  • Whats wrong with the auto box?? Has it lost any fluid? Sometimes the pipes at the front by the rad start to leak and that stops the box working, so have a look for leaks first before you write the box off.

    Its not worth fixing if the box is gone, i'd just stick a used box on it personally so long as your doing the work yourself.

    Or if your mechanically minded look into doing a manual conversion.

  • Thanks for all replies cannot do work myself so will consider a used box and try to get best price to remove and refit a used box cannot change to manual as can only drive automatics will update thanks

  • Mazda had a few recalls on the auto box in the first couple of years, try to get an newer box from a post 1995, they are all the same but mazda ironed all the faults out by then

    here is a used engine and box so it would be worth buying both then resell engine for same money and relist as mx5 engine and it will sell very easily, getting delivered by pallet to you would cost around £40

  • H i Thanks for all replies I have decided that it is more economic as I cannot do work myself to sell for spares or more likely repair Can anyone give me an indication ref details given to date of price I could realistically expect Thanks for help and input to date

  • Hi sparky not many people will buy it with a faulty gearbox

    what exactly is the fault with it, have you tried changing the oil in it as that can cause problems to auto boxes a lot of the time

  • Thank you for all replies / input will be using used box with help from local mechanic so hope all goes well will update in about 4 weeks when work is due to be done in his holidays many thanks

  • Pleased to report car now back on road after sourcing auto box from breaker all achieved just under £400 including fitting just one small problem ABS light has come on a couple of days ago and has not gone out as yet Does anyone know where Ican get diagnostic adaptor cable to plug in to sort problem as 1992 car and modern types will not fit / or ideas to get rid of dash light thank you

  • Remove the dash, take the bulb out? No but seriously I had an issue with a lit bulb once turned out to be a loose connector.


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