Fuel saving device

  • I stumbled on these recently and have purchased one to fit onto my saab 93 turbo, its a hydrogen generator that feeds a small amount of hydrogen into your engine mixed with the air and it increases your fuel octane because now the air is also slightly flammable
    this creates a much more even burn of the fuel in the cylinder and being a non carbon gas it reduces emmisions and with the raised octane you create more lower end torque and means the car uses less fuel.
    I am trialing it in my saab and will be fitting these as a part time business in my area as ive already had orders since fitting this and as its already taken off in america and pepsi fitting these to their fleet of trucks

    For our V6 MX3's we could save around 20 - 25% on a tank of fuel, I have noticed it already in my saab.
    Big test next week though as im driving to italy and monaco next week so i can work out the exact figures but ive seen a lot of individual testimonies so im quite happy to share on here now

    anyone want any details please PM me

    I will keep you posted on results when i return :)

  • if it works and is a benefit, how much would they cost and cost to get fitted to an MX? or in my case an AZ-3 lol

  • Where you stop by, in Italy ;) ? I' m In Triest , North Italy ,
    if you need tips for areas around , or if you pass here by a coincidence and want to share a beer , drop a message^

    Interesting , i heard a lot fuel saving stuff in latest years but the hype ends usually quite fast , once tested through .
    this looks different apprach though,

    edit:sorry i see now you propose to fit it , would like to see more about that anyway, i'm always open minded
    (checked pepsi stuff you mentioned and it looks its entirely propeeled by that system , its not integrated with the normal fuel)

  • It is purely run by making the air more flammable that makes the fuel burn more efficiently and better burning fuel uses less, thats why higher octane fuels go further in a tank but thy cost more

    The basic kit that fits the MX3 is £300 plus fitting & p/p and if you have your car as a daily driver saving 20% fuel each month it will soon pay itself off.
    You can get a much more advanced kit that costs £500 and produces a lot more hydrogen and can get your co2 emmisions down to almost 0
    you can also change your tax band on the car as its recognised by the dvla but its only £10 a year saving

    I am just starting out fitting these in my area but the producer of these are a busy established company

    Thanks for the offer alex, I am popping into genoa for a day next weekend when i head to monaco for the grand prix sunday :)
    triest is a bit too far to get to

  • Im back from monaco GP and racked up 1800 miles in the saab in 7 days lol, managed to get 26mpg doing 85- 90mph on the french motorways with the hydrogen generator installed and around town ive added 80 miles to a tank of fuel

    I also had my MOT today and i was told the emissions would drop drastically when its running properly, I was shocked and some of the other mechanics when it displayed all the zero's on the emissions test, its runnng as good as a factory fresh car and one of the lowest read outs he has had on a car that age, its a 12 year old 2.0 big turbo with 210bhp with 145k on the clock

    I would recommend fitting one if you can afford it especially as a daily driver as its saving about 20% on a tank of fuel which in an MX3 is a good saving and will pay for itself in no time

  • interesting, thlough i would find difficult someone fitting here around a similar device. I tried to research a bit looking handmade similar stuff an so on.

    (it consumes fuel with electricity , but if conversion is more efficient than fuel combustion it would be there the fuel advantage.I did read some Ecu can be in trouble if difference is too large)
    when hot weather finally arrive, you have to replace liquid i guess?
    Is it something you can do yourself then? ( water deminaralised with sodium or similar?)

  • The water is mixed with potassium hydroxide and the unit runs at 2.5 amps to keep the heat down, it is something you can fit yourself
    the liquid doesnt need to be changed very often and the unit is warranteed for 3 years

    its easy to get the mixture correct and setting the smart relay up is pretty easy to do to, just need a decent volt meter with amps and phillips screwdriver :bigok:

  • I save a fortune on fuel by riding my pushbike to work :bigok:

  • very interesting.

    i find my car cuts out when turning sharply when the fuel needle gets to 1/4.
    i got the fuel tank reconditioned, new fuel neck and injectors replaced and fuel filter. might get another filter to test, but i wuld find something like this useful on my az3 as been a bit harder on fuel since i replaced everything.

    has anyone tried this on a rotary engine? rx7 or rx8 as would be interesting to see how it'd get on. mazda had a few rx8's with hydrogen fuelled renesis engines as they ran well on it.

  • There is one on an RX7FB that has had great results with even more torque lol and better fuel economy :bigok:


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