Rattly exhaust

  • I've just had my decat pipe fitted and am quite pleased,if not a little surprised by the result. It's on a standard pipe but makes a he'll of a lot more noise! Trouble is, theres a rattle at the same time. Do we have heat shields which can come loose under there?

  • yes probaly a heat sheild, look at the cover above the rear box, when you drop it for the cat it hinges up and breaks the rusty mounts on the sheild

  • That's a trip back to the garage then. It also clunks around underneath since fitting so needs to be fettled.
    Like I said, I was surprised by the amount of difference to the feel of the engine and the level of noise. When I de-catted my delSol it didn't make a huge difference in noise levels, it just freed up the revs. This sounds ridiculous!

  • When I did mine, there was no real change in noise.

    Sounds like it's not sealed right personally.

  • Well its all been checked and the results are one rattly heart shield just above the car - removed, one end cover of the flexy pipe loose - removed and the clunking was a brake caliper rocking slightly which required a new rubber.
    The exhaust was checked from stem to stern and is fine. The noise is just the decat. Excellent!

    Thanks all.

  • excellent, time to try some high revs in the gardens of a retirement home for full effect lmfao

  • I used to do that in my DelSol which had a 4-1 ss manifold, home-made decat, a small silencer and two 4 inch pipes! That was LOUD! I lived opposite a block of oldie homes and had regular letters asking me not to rev my car in the morning. They didn't understand that it only idling!

  • brilliant, gotta love oldies, my work mate used to have a pug 306 diesel that was so noisy because it was crap and french it would wake her everyday and he got grief for years for that, when the cambelt went she came out and waved it off on the scrap lorry lmfao


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