Water Pump

  • Hi guys has anyone changed a water pump on a v6 ? minds starting to 'chirp' when cold and losing a bit of water.
    I don't think i'll have the place to do it so i 'm also wondering on the cost.
    Cheers Mark

  • There is a how to guide on here under cam belt change. To be fair it would be best to do the cam belt with the water pump because you don't want to strip everything again at a later date to do the cam belt.

  • need to remove cambelt to access it, so buy the lot in one go and do it at the same time along with new idlers too, hardest bit is lack of space but cone all the covers and pulleys are off its not too bad, takes 2 people that are confident around 4-5 hours
    hardest parts are bottom pulley removal and lining the teeth on the belt with the marks correctly, dont forget to use loctite on the waterpump pulley when replacing as they drop off after 50 miles without ;)

  • Wow this'll be fine thanks for the advice guys !!
    Ill let you know how it goes.

  • good luck and if you hit any problems just post hem back on here, always someone around to help

  • Thanks ever so !! Not looking forward to it ! gulp


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