H&R vs Eibach ACTUAL lowering?(i have H&R,looking to

  • Hallo ,
    I had (my previous topic) problem with shocks gone due to low springs and cracked mounts , but instead to find just supports i found the entire original suspensions Tokiko (same as mines) ,with true 8.000 Km on it .

    Now , the tech told me :"or you mount originals , or if you mount h&s /Eibach you gonna get the trouble again,as you can NOT know how Actually it will lower your car ".

    Alternative = 550€ of handmade shocks , modifying mines by a Shock-Company (located Austria).

    Now i would like to ask =
    For the people had it or at LEAST saw with his own eyes :
    IF i order EIBACH springs and switch them to the originals , selling somehow my H&R (difficult):

    How much Eibach raise (i mean respect to H&R)?
    In my city H&R are too low …too many holes , "up and down" streets so i wold gladly raise.

    Ordering springs , i would end spending 320€ mounting instead to 550€ .(and need tyres too , destroying my bank account) .

    Originals setup on black car , i dont find even pictures on how would look ..
    I misured (aprox) just to get a point of comparation.
    With H&R and STOCK WHEELS=
    From Floor to the "highest point of the car just above above the wheel" (dont remember exact english term of that part)
    Forward :60,9 mm
    Rear : 61,9mm


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