Where can I get - Front Engine Mount 1.5 Autozam (Ireland)

  • Hi all,

    I have just been on to a Mazda main dealer, and he was looking 70euro for a front mount for my Autozam Az3 and that was without a guarantee that it would would even fit.
    Does anyone know if one off a same year 323/323f would be interchangeable?
    I'v already scoured the scrappies for an mx3, but nothing happening there

  • By the way my Car is an Autozam Az3 1.5 DOHC '94
    i would be very grateful for any help

    Thanx :?

  • admin

    If you go down to the dealer they should be able to print you off a diagram of the parts in that area, you can check this and reference the part numbers to your part then you will know for sure that it will fit.

    Mazda dont really like dealing with the older cars, they are more interested in the new buyers lol


  • Thanks for the reply
    I'll get the flashlamp out when i get home


  • Check the engine numbers to see if the 1.5 is the same block as the 1.6, it might even be on the wikipedia.

    If it is the same just use an engine mount from a 1.6 You should then be able to get one from the 247spares website or of ebay.


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