Worth a read. kl engines in rwd format etc

  • Worth a read for those kl enthusiasts !.
    Most of the info provided by clairetoo and her fisher fury

    I was pondering using something like james built kl engine,
    Kl side ways. Mx5 transmition and drive train for a rwd turbo kl project
    Don't know what power the mx5 transmition can handle tho.
    I did ponder rx7 parts but puting the v6 to it sounds tricky!.



  • Good stuff, though I am rather certain the B2200 bell housing will bolt up to the KL ;) Since that bolts up then all you really need to do is swap the bell housing from 2200 to the miata, but from what I recall you will also need to swap the center shaft of the gear set. So it would be best to just find a RX7 FC TT trans and swap that gear set into the miata housing with the B2200 center shaft, and you will have a 500+ HP trans..

  • Thanks josh!. That's good to know!.
    Would be good to see how much power you could get out of a built KL engine. Be a shame to ditch it for another power plant.


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