Coolant overflow bottle.

  • Is it needed, and can I loop it out of the system.

    Trying to clear the bay up on that side, Battery will be moved into the boot, and that will be the 2nd biggest thing above the gearbox.

  • Its only an overflow I think so it could be removed or piped anywhere else in the car. If the system overflows, it's the expansion of the water which feeds into the bottle and its not pressurised Si should be an easy job. If you wanted to keep one, you could have one made in nearly any shape and mounted anywhere. A flat square can could me mounted on top of the battery holder or a long thin one could be run up along the wing etc.

  • Now, that's an idea…. to Ebay!

  • Yeah I moved mine up to top of bay and just extended with new tubing.
    Think I tapped the top screw onto the suspension strut and the lower bolt is an old left over one from battery removal . Can get closer pic if you want.

  • Nope, it's fine bud.

    I've got an idea and running with it. £6 it's cost me so far with a little longer tubes it should be well out of the way. :)

    Pics to follow once things have arrived and setup.

  • Look forward to seeing it and possibly pinching the idea :)


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