Info - Is it possible to do a KF engine swap?

  • Hi,

    First of all - please excuse me for my imperfect english :)
    I'm new to this forum, but not a newbie in the mx-3 community. I'm from Lithuania, it's a small country, but we have our MX-3 owner's club, although the club is only in it's infancy :)
    My car is blaze red '95 V6. It's stock, exept of lowered Apex'i springs and Kayaba dampers.

    Okay, the point is: has anyone ever swaped a KF engine into mx-3? I did some research, spent a couple of hours reading forums, but it seems that the americans has no possesion of euro-spec KF 2.0 V6, so i seek advice here :wink:

    I think it's time to swap the engine in my car, cuz it already has 210k km on the odometer. I'm not chasing for performance marks, or smth - just need a good engine that would fit. I had to forget about kl-ze, since there are no JDM importers in my country. I considered a DE, but i don't think it's a reasonable option since they, for some strange reason, are almost three times more expensive than KF ones. The other point is, that there are, literally, a crap load of KF engines for sale - Xedos 6 is one of the most popular mazdas in here. You can get a clean engine for 200-250 quid. And it's cheaper to run and insure than DE motor.

    So, correct me if i'm wrong - i get a KF engine (alternator, disty, wacuum tubes, etc.) with ECU, Millenia intake manifold (that's easy to find, too), new cambelt, clutch, all the fluids - and i'm ready to go? Can i use K8 VAF and TB? Will i need to modify my exhaust sytem?

  • You will need the kf15 ecu, je50 vaf which u have. Thise engines are very low milleage. Better than the k8.

    Also.. i tought some european mx3s came with the kf.

    There are two versions.. one has round runners , other has square.


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