'Charge' light.

  • Tried to adjust my TPS via the guide, and since then the revs have been bouncing from 750 -1500 and the charge light flickers.

    10+GND were bridged.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi again Lori :)

    Iirc?, if your'e setting up TPS using feeler gauges, ie mechanically, you SHOULDN'T/ DON'T need to jump TEN + GND!!!

    Think in doing so, what you've done while setting TPS up, is you've taught the ECU all the movements you made as you opened throttle etc to slip feeler between throttle stop etc?

    I bet if you do a code pull it will flash '12' at the very least???

    I would:

    1. Do a code pull to confirm above.

    2. Disconnect Battery NEGTIVE lead, press brake pedal for 10 seconds, (to reset ECU & clear codes).

    3. WITHOUT jumping TEN + GND!!! re confirm your TPS idle position
      ( ie; bottom 2 pins of 4, connect ohmeter,

    circuit/continuity/resistance with 0.15mm feeler inserted,

    open circuit/ NO continuity/ NO resistance with 0.50mm inserted.

    1. Tighten both screws.

    2. RE FIT TPS connector.

    3. RE CONNECT battery NEGATIVE lead.

    4. NOW jump TEN + GND, start engine in this mode allow to warm up and adjust idle speed WHEN warm if nessesary?.

    8. Switch off, leave TEN & GND in place, connect your LED, turn ignition

    switch to ON only and confirm

    NO codes show? (led's RED lead in B+, led's BLACK lead in FEN). IT MUST BE A STADARD 12V led!! NOT A FLASHING TYPE

    1. Turn ignition off, remove LED and TEN & GND jumper. restart engine and test drive to confirm adjustments?

    Wow that's my typing fingers fooked for a while! :(

    Hope you can de sypher this and it helps??? :?

    kev b.


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