The door's keyhole seal/grommet like?

  • Hi guys , little thing .
    I have on the keyhole of the doors a sort of rubber protection
    that covers the hole entirely .

    Off course to put the key inside it is has a cut on it , shape "+"

    Tonight some joungsters (..carnival drunkers..) decided to remove it from one door , and to "try to remove " the other one..(REALLY drunk i suppose)

    Do you know that piece , if i can find on somewhere ?
    Nothing crucial , but if it's a easy fix it would be nice,

    it gives a "plainer" look at the doors .

  • Just get some thin rubber and cut it to shape\size and replace it.

    It's what I did.

  • Yep thanks Lory .
    Tried but it did'nt last 1 hour .
    i did'nt find rubber enough thin on shops ,so
    I tried with a double side adhesive tape
    (i did put a black tape on the outer side , to make first try and see what it looks like ).

    What you used , (silicon maybe just on the margins of the shape)?

  • Removed the lock and glued the rubber to the outside of the lock, rebuilt the handle around it.

    Used a small knife to slice a line down for the key to fit. :)

  • dont gonna remove , i'm too messy guy^^-
    but gonna do something as soon as i find the corect material
    Thank you Bro


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