Power steering cooling pipes

  • Hi Guys

    Spotted a leak from the power steering pipes that sit in front of the air con radiator. It has got very rusty and surface metal breaking off, seemed to be leaking from the bracket that holds it onto the body.

    Does anyone know the fix for this? Or where you can buy a new cooling pipe assembly? Or is it handy to make a pipe up and join it onto the power steering pump?

    I got some of that tape for pipes to patch it up so I can get the car to the mechanics.

    How bad would it be for the pump with a slight leak?


  • Just get copper pipe of similar diameter, bend a fun shape and use some decent clips to hold in place. Fordprobe store sells the pipe if stuck, though it's slightly too thin it does work with a jubilee type clip.

    It's very easy to do. Just make sure you have some ATF or new power steering fluid to fill up after. Then just go lock to lock left to right to bleed it.

  • yeah i seen that ad on fordprobe store thanks.
    i'll check with mazda re a replacement part.

    how do you disconnect it all, do you need to remove the front bumper?

    any write ups about it?

  • I plan on cutting the pipes back to fresh clean pipe work then joining braided hosing to a small front mounted mocal oil cooler. The smallest ones will mount in the front air dam quite neatly.

    You need to get a mechanic to bleed the system properly as any air locks will burn out the pump.

  • ok, thanks guys, i'm going to try and get the original part if not too pricey.
    i have patched it up to get her home, will stop and top up fluid best i can, then get it all fixed up. the pump is 22 years old so god knows the condition.

    i had thought about taking the p/s belt off to stop it leaking but fingers crossed the patch holds ok.

  • I'm still running all well on original pump on N plate and 135k
    Still holding well. It's not a common part to fail so she should hold strong.

  • to be honest if you went and saw a plumber they could knock one up out of pipe in 5 mnutes
    You could go mega pimp and buy a very small oil cooler and fit into the front grill, even a small oil cooler from a motorcycle would be easy to fit in the front

    Even a BMW 3 series auto gearbox oil cooler would be easy to fit and just need to extend the pipes and its done, that would be more than enough to cool the power steering fluid and they cost about £10 used
    You will notice on the MX-3 the vary in length and some go right across where others only go halfway

  • mine goes half way, curves round a little bit down at the bottom and then returns. its badly rusted and well end of its life. like you say i just need a pipe made up and joined on. can you connect it on via clips to rubber hoses or do you need screw threaded connectors like a brake pipe.

    will be driving the car home tomorrow night so hope patching holds till i get a better look at the weekend. atleast i have the rx8 still. :)

  • all the connectors are just rubber hoses connected with jubilee clips onto the steel pipe, after the steering rack the oil is at low pressure so doesnt require screw fittings etc

  • i seen that when i stopped round at the mechanic i used in the past.
    it seems to be pipes up until the curve into the rubber hoses beside the radiator. i went to a few mechanics i know and the first recommended running a rubber hose in front of the radiator instead of the current one.

    the 2nd said be hard to reshape the copper pipe to the same shape and if it was flanged connected, a knightmare etc. would have to take the front bumper off.

    so its basically getting the easiest option. might need to call round with marco sometime as he knows the az3's more than me.

  • Thing is will the rubber hose insulate the oil and can you fix it in place easily

    Also that should come out by undoing the slam panel on the top and tilt the radiator back to undo the bolt mounting it in place

  • i would not be going with a hose in place of a steel/copper pipe as i thought the idea stupid tbh.

    i've put an ad on the wanted section for a replacement until i can get a copper pipe made up. would plumbing copper pipe be ok to buy as i bought an external spring and small pipe cutter from B&Q to shape a pipe. i seen the 10mm pipe on fordprobestore but is it the same type of pipe as plumbers would use?


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