How To - Anti Roll Bar Drop Links

  • Maybe you broke one, maybe you are fitting uprated - I broke one.

    Tools you will need :
    Car Jack
    Axle stands
    Allen Key
    Angle Grinder (possibly)
    Small Pry Bar

    Crack your front nuts half a turn before jacking up and securing with axle stands.

    Remove front wheel and pop your head inside and you should see this :

    You should be able to undo the 2 nuts holding the drop link in place, The nut should crack open but you will then need the Allen key to stop the threaded section turning with the nut.

    Like me, if the assembly is stuck solid or rounds off then get busy with the grinder (don't forget ear plugs and goggles!)

    Place your new drop link in and assemble the bottom part first, this will allow you to persuade the roll bar into place (with the pry bar) and enable you to slip it in the hole.

    Tighten your nuts back up and marvel at your handy work.

    You may want to cover the threaded sections in silicone to keep out rubbish and oppress rust in case you need to preform maintenance.

    Get the back into starting position and go and enjoy the difference. :rimshot:

    All the best, Ricco. :D


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