Anyone know much about megasquirt? ?

  • Currently got k8ze engine and was looking at getting a megasquirt system to tune it a little with the possibility of using it at a later date on a kl engine if I do a swap…..anyone know
    1:- how easy they are to fit
    2:- how easy they are to setup/tune etc
    3:- how much power I could squeeze out of a NA k8ze

  • Ease of fitment depends on which you go for. If you have wiring experience the DiyPNp is pretty easy. Otherwise some plug and play solutions are available like stratified auto and I think even diyautotune themselves

    If you get prebuilt its pretty basic to install but have a good read through megasquirt docs.

    Tuning the fuel is quite easy with logging or the auto tune feature. Set your target AFR and go. Spark ideally should involve dyno time. Base maps will get you by, and in my case felt faster. The induction noise with no VAf is great :-)

    Power wise, 10-15hp is reasonable, increasing with your mods. No one bothers much fine tuning k8s. I did run ms with a k8ze for a while, went well, better than standard but just not ze or de league.


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